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Learning & Helping at Home Guides

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Learning from Home & Helping at Home Guides
While change is a learning opportunity, it can also be stressful and can negatively impact a child’s life and their sense of security. Thankfully there's some things we can do as parents to offer stability during these times. A normal routine can bring comfort and consistency to a child’s life.

So at The Mom Economy we have created 2 guides for you to make your job a little easier. These 2 printouts go hand in hand. Our hope is that The LEARNING FROM HOME schedule will help both parents and children create a daily routine to follow and give everyone some structure and sense of normalcy during these uncertain times.
The HELPING AT HOME chart will aid with the many chores that need to be done at home, especially now that the entire family shares the same space for work, school and meals together. Giving them a chance to contribute at home will fill them with a sense of accomplishment by completing weekly and daily tasks.
Establishing expectations and a reward based system will help them get excited for what's next as they take their responsibilities seriously, become a little bit more independent and boost their confidence.

You will receive a sample on how you can fill out the guides and a page with blank spaces for you to write the age appropriate schedule and responsibilities for each child.
Have fun filling them out, include them in the process, give them options and hear their suggestions, there might be chores they like doing around the house that you didn't know about or a subject at school they would like to spend more time on. Our hope is that we can help you use this time to get closer to your child and work together trying to make the best out of this situation.
REMEMBER: Work toward consistency, but make room for flexibility. Spontaneity and creativity are important factors in a child’s life. Adjust as needed.
We would love to see how you're using both of the guides. Take pictures, post on Instagram and tag us #themomeconomy @TheMomEconomy