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My day - Sheets for you and your kids

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We’re all going through it - imagine our kids are feeling it just as much, maybe even more.

They see their senior year has been cancelled before their eyes. Playgrounds are closed. They miss their teachers, friends…their favorite relative. “BUT WHY?!”

They don’t really know what’s going on...But why don’t we take five today from whatever you’re doing and be intentional with your child(ren) today.

It doesn’t matter if your kids or big or small - make sure they know you love them! Admit it, we ALL need a hug right now.

Some of the ladies of our #MotherBoard have come together to share what they’ve been doing to relieve some of the tension in their household - from impromptu dance parties, nature walks and scavenger hunts, praying for our health heroes, to taking a few to journal their feelings. We’ve actually created a FREE downloadable journal sheet where you can journal with your kids — Direct link available on our bio &

What are some ways you’ll take five today? We encourage you to post them on your IG stories and tag us! ✨

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