Boss Mom Mercado: Business Bootcamp

This week we had the opportunity to meet together with the 20 Mompreneurs selected to participate in our first ever Boss Mom Mercado.
A really big part of our mission at We Are Boss Mom is helping our community of Boss Moms build relationships so they can build their business. We wanted to make sure each and every one of these women were supplied with all the right tools and resources needed for that extra confidence before kicking off our Mercado event, Sept 8.
In partnership with Shopify and Simon Malls we gathered together at the Microsoft Store at Dadeland Mall to discuss all things from Short Term Leasing, Visual Merchandising, Making sure our POS Systems and selling strategies are on point as well as going through walk-throughs and logistics for the event.
We even had the chance to chat with one of the current businesses who has had her brand developed within Simon Malls - did we mention she's a mom, too? So amazing. The day was definitely filled us with so much useful information - we all left inspired and ready to go! 
Huge thank you to:
+ Marketing and Leasing from Simon Malls for going through all the steps from concept to creation of having a space at Dadeland Mall, Getting involved within our community and so much more. 
+ Ary Concept for teaching us all things Visual Merchandising - the dos and donuts and amazing tips and tricks the ladies can use for their space on Sept 8
+ The Retail Team at Shopify for going through the ins and outs of their new Bluetooth Chip Card Readers and POS Systems to make sure transactions are run smoothly during the event
+ Chick-Fil-A for sponsoring our lunch, yum!
+ Veronica of The Donut Factory for giving her emotional testimony as a Simon Mall retail spot - Boss Mom!
+ Microsoft for the amazing space to host our Bootcamp
Don't forget to save the date, Sept 8! We can't wait to see what all these amazing Boss Moms bring to the table

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