In 2018 — we launched a national holiday SHOP MOM™  Saturday on the last Saturday in April to encourage  communities  to SHOP MOM™  to  give mother-owned businesses the ultimate Mother’s Day gift—opportunity.   In addition to scoring unique mother-made gifts, you’ll be supporting a family, community, and mother owned-business, with  every  purchase.  

These mother-run brands are going beyond just selling you a product, service or good — they are using their platforms to support  The Mom Economy™,  to provide  maternity leave  to  entrepreneurs  and investing in mother-owned businesses.   

With inspiring  social responsibility  initiatives tied to every purchase, these  mother-run brands  do more than just sell  you  something they change the world.


No more shopping small. Let’s shop  BIG  by investing in families and mother-run businesses. Data shows that mother led businesses reinvest up to 90% of their income into their families and communities, compared to 40% for men. 

Supporting women’s businesses helps the economy as a  whole and  drives growth in local communities. Dollars spent at mother-owned businesses—stay local. 

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