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In a world where women
are forced to choose between building a
business or raising a family. We are working overtime to change that.

In 2017, Both Brittany and Ashley struggled to find their place between two conflicting identities: motherhood and professional life. Now, they’re rewriting the narrative about working mothers.

A note from our Founders

What grew from an idea to create space for mothers to be able to do both successfully now we have built a sisterhood (or founderhood) of women from all walks of life and businesses.

This is more than just a mom group, we're more than just a platform; we're a movement where your ambitions are put into action.

From the start it’s been our main goal to eliminate the motherhood penalty and exchange it for the motherhood bonus. We’ve come so far, yet we have so much farther to go.

As mothers, is our job truly ever done? The idea of being “unfinished” is scary yet comforting. A reminder of the things that we have yet to learn, the love we have left to give this world, the deeper understanding of the wisdom we chase. Then, there's the notion of legacy. It's a deeply humbling thought. What we leave behind isn't just what we've achieved, but the warmth we've spread, the lives we've touched, the kindness we've sown. Our legacy is less about our accomplishments and more about the love we've shared. It's the invisible, yet enduring mark we leave on the hearts and lives of others.

So, let's cherish our continual growth, find joy in our endless quest for understanding, and create a legacy rich in love and authenticity. Your story, your journey, your impact—it all matters immensely to us.

With warmth and sincerity,


Grant Programs

Targeting key areas such as parental leave, childcare, and fertility, our grants are designed based on data showing their impact on work-life balance. This extends to business grants and retail leases, supporting economic growth.

Empowering Minority Businesses

Statistics show minority-owned businesses face unique challenges. We address these with tailored tools, resources, and services, ensuring they have a competitive edge.

Strategic Partnerships

Our partnerships are formed based on data indicating the most effective ways to enhance female workplace benefits, focusing on areas with the greatest need and potential impact.

Business Connectivity

Leveraging AI, technology, and data, we bridge the opportunity gaps for the mother workforce by connecting small businesses with larger entities, thereby facilitating growth and market expansion.

Awareness and Allyship

We collaborate with corporate and national partners, guided by research on the best practices in diversity and inclusion, to promote awareness and allyship in the business community.

Moms That Make Our Economy

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