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Boss Mom Mercado RECAP by Barbara Cobas

The alarm went off on Saturday morning and I popped out of bed. Today was the day. When all these amazing women were about to strut their stuff at Dadeland Mall. Ann Ueno and myself carpooled, because this is what you do when you just need one more minute to catch up and feel like you have negative minutes in your day. We arrived and threw down our hand bags as women buzzed around like bees. No one had time to talk, we just said what can we do and got sent off on our tasks. Then before we knew it, it was showtime! The kid yoga mats were down, the cute kid tents were up, the booths were looking amazing and it felt like the ding of the NY Stock Exchange….the floodgates opened. (Well, in my mind, not literally.) I was excited if you couldn’t tell.

Each booth was beautiful, a literal representation of the uniqueness of each of these women and the brands they had built. I was so amazed at how each of them brought their brand to life in their 4x4 ft space. From jewelry to placemats to prints to apparel – every detail was well thought out and spoke to the perfection that is driven women, rocking their business.

The little ones were entertained by some of the most talented yogis @kidsyogaflow, while their families shopped. My kids sat at a picnic table coloring and chowing down on the Rx Kids bars. (I think my son ate 5.) My daughter danced her heart out to the 9 year old DJ, @theartcortex. #tinydjtinydancer


Best of all…women’s businesses flourished right before our eyes. We had 1,800+ attendees, over 900+ votes, and women who collectively celebrated $30,000 in total sales. Many went from online to retail/storefront from one day to the next with some of the most amazing partners we could ask for Shopify & Dadeland Mall (Simon Malls).

Then everyone wanted to understand Boss Mom, they wanted to get involved and they wanted to know when the next one would be. Yes! We were humbled by the women’s hands who flew in the air to say – sign me up, how do I help, invite me, include me, I want to be a part of this. This in some way is our “mom cry”. We need each other. We need community. We need other kick a#! boss mom’s in our lives. Boss Mom Mercado proved that.

As I walked to my car, two little ones in tow, I took a deep breath a thought – yes, this is what it is all about. The Boss Mom Mercado was filled with everything that We Are Boss Mom is – kids, support, laughter, business, coaching, connection and opportunity. These amazing Boss Mom’s came together and put their best foot forward. Individually they were so unique and so passionate about what they are doing. As a community, they were cheerleaders for each other. Yes Brit, yes Ashley, yes Ann, yes Ashley, yes Paty, yes every woman who built a booth, yes every woman who sent an email or posted, yes every woman who gave 1 second of their time to pull this off….WE ARE BOSS MOM and are so grateful for you.

Whether it is contributing your time and talent, buying at an event or donating to what we are doing you are appreciated. Thank you.

Shameless plug – donate $45, get this limited edition WABM Bag.

I promise I am almost done.

At some point in the afternoon, I chatted with a mom business owner who is 3 months in. God bless her. She is rocking it, but she needs help to set up the nitty gritty of her business. I know this stuff, it is easy for me. I can help. We set up time to have lunch and crank it out. 

This is what We are Mom Boss is all about, but this is just the start to the conversation.


HUGE thank you to Barbara for this amazing Boss Mom Mercado Recap & for being a great asset to our community! and a BIG THANK YOU to all partners & sponsors of this amazing event.

For a look into our entire photo gallery by Sky n Kai Media from the event, you can view & download them from our Dropbox!

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