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A Winner's Point of View

We get to hear from the amazing winning DUO of Boss Mom Mercado and their point of view from beginning to end of this amazing initiative. Before October finishes, make sure to support and visit Equilibrium Activewear at Dadeland Mall by the Sephora Store!

It was a Sunday night when we saw that Equilibrium Activewear had been one of the 20 amazing mother owned businesses chosen to participate in the first ever Boss Mom Mercado. Mom and I couldn't believe it. We popped a bottle of bubbly and started celebrating what we knew in our hearts would be the opportunity we had been waiting for so long.

It's been 20 years since we started Equilibrium, well since Jane (AKA MOM) started this jpurney. I was still in high-school when she started bringing in these fabulous leggings for us to sell.  You see, Mom, has always been a hard worker. Before Equilibrium, she did everything from traveling to China to fill containers of toys to sell in Brazil, to teaching Portuguese when we lived in Finland to bringing in jeans to sell here in Miami. 

I remember that my first job was at an LA fitness, in their kids care. I made friends with the owners of the juice bar and started selling Equilibrium to them at the gym. 

We began our clothing business in a room of our house in the Hammocks, as it grew I remember we upgraded our office to the garage and eventually about 8 years ago we opened our first showroom in Sunny Isles Beach, Fl.

Throughout the years our focus has always been selling wholesale, on our website and doing fitness shows.  Retail has always been on the back of our minds but we never had the time to focus on making it happen.  Running a small business takes a lot of work, energy, and persistence :)


So when mom sent me a text with the flyer for the mercado I knew this was what we had been waiting for.  See, she is a member of MEM (maes emprededoras pelo mundo) and saw the event on there and immediately share it with me.  It was so meant to be. We filmed the video sent it in and prayed we would be one of the lucky ones for this opportunity. 

What an amazing ride this all has been.  We started preparing for the mercado and everything was just smooth sailing.  The ladies at We Are Boss Mom put together a bootcamp to go over all of the details and for us to meet the other mompreneurs and it was just so lovely. Although we were all competing for this prize, each woman there had each others back. It was so beautiful to see everyone wanting to help and support each other, what an amazing experience!

Brittany and Ashley are absolutely a pleasure to deal with and we are forever grateful for them putting this together. 

The couple of days leading up to the mercado were nerve recking.  We had reached out to everyone we knew to come support us in this journey. And boy did they. The amount of love and support we got that day had us in tears.  

I remember a dear friend of mine telling me, "Taty, you are always there to help your friends out, now it's our turn to do the same"

Even as I sit here writing this I have goosebumps.  

Yes, it was amazing to win the mercado, but what was even more special was seeing everyone out there supporting us and cheering for us, made my heart full!

After the mercado we met with the ladies at Dadeland mall and started preparing for our grand opening Oct.1st

Let me tell you, everyone has been so amazing. The entire Simon Mall team has been a pleasure to work with and made everything so easy for us to be open in just 3 quick weeks.  Yes, it all happened so fast. We won the mercado on the 8th and opened our kiosk at the mall on the 1st!

Working side by side with my mom throughout this entire process has been fabulous.  We opened at the mall and now are splitting our days representing our line. It fills our hearts to see the women coming by our space, seeing the clothes and leaving happy with their purchase.  When we made the first sale at the mall I almost cried :) What a rush!

You see, for us, selling these clothes is so much more than just a transacation.  What fills our hearts is seeing the faces of the women when they wear our clothes, and how their confidence grows.  We want women to look and feel even more amazing than they already are.  Because we know, that when we, women, feel good, there is nothing that can ever stop us from whatever it is we set our minds to.

We are forever grateful for this experience and hope that it is just another stepping stone to growing what we believe to be the most fabulous line of Brazilian activewewear for women.  

We believe the women should be able to wear our clothes from the gym, to any of their daily activities, while looking and feeling comfortable, classy and fabulous!


Thank you @WeAreBossMom for reminding us of how important it is to follow your dreams and stick with them!


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