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The Dining Room Project

This fall, We Are Boss Mom, in partnership with Carved Woodworks and Ann Ueno Interior Design, is looking to focus on the giving in Thanksgiving.  

We want to provide a dining room makeover for a mom in need of inspiration, uplifting and support. We believe in gathering, we believe that children's lives can be changed if they spend more time at the table, together with their family.  And we believe in giving back to moms in tangible, specific ways. 



Our Goal:

For once Mom, #takeaseat! We are looking for a mom in Miami who needs a breath of inspiration from her community, we will be providing a total “dining room” makeover complete with Carved Woodworks Dining Table and room design by Ann Ueno Interior Designs.

This initiative is meant to be a kick-off to a longer term movement to bring awareness to the sacred space of a dining room, the moments together around a dining table.  The dining table has always been a symbol of many things: the place where we nourish ourselves, where we come together, celebrate important milestones, share experiences, and create new understandings.  It is a place often associated with the word conviviality; a word that means festivity, joviality, cordiality and friendliness.

The dining table has been claimed to be the most important piece of furniture in the home.  Thus, the dining room being the most important room. We agree! Accordinging to The New York TImes and The Atlantic:

  1. The dinner table can be the perfect environment where kids learn how to conduct conversations, observe good manners, serve others, listen, solve conflicts and compromise. 
  2. Eating together can improve parent-child relationships, and give kids a sense of stability and connectedness. Children younger than 13 who regularly eat meals with their families exhibit fewer behavioral problems, and mealtime conversations have been tied to improved literacy.
  3. Children are apt to be healthier, garner better grades at school, families bond and mental health improves

With this campaign, we are educating families in the importance of carving out family time and what better way then over the dinner table? Help us spread the word by participating in the #TakeASeat Challenge on Instagram & post a picture of you making time to sit and dine/snack or just communicate with the family in your family space, dining room or kitchen table.


Do you know a mom who has had a challenging year and needs to be uplifted?

We Are Boss Mom (WABM) is accepting nominations for a mother in need of inspiration. We are asking our community to nominate Mothers who have experienced hardship this year, and need to be reminded of the importance of her tribe.  Those wishing to nominate a Mother will have to fill out this online form and upload a 1-2 minute video answering the questions: Tell us about why this Mom needs some inspiration this year? And how would this redesign impact her family? 

We are looking for a Mom to win a dining room makeover, so that she is able to flourish, enjoy and #takeaseat with her family not only for the holiday season but everyday, in a newly designed gathering space. 


Nomination period ends October 15th.

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