The Mother Fund Initiative is raising awareness and funding around parental leave. We think, particularly, now, this mission is especially important, as so many people’s livelihoods are being jeopardized with temporary policy fixes
involving paid leave. We are declaring 2020 the#yearofthemother because we will demand paid family leave in America.⁠ NO MORE PLAYING SMALL.⁠

This grant is special to our core. Inspired by our founders - who worked really hard and endless hours throughout their pregnancy, at the hospital hours after birth, and all throughout their child's first few years. We want to be able to provide to Mother-owned businesses, where many times Maternity Leave isn't tangible for them. Learn more how you can donate or get involved, here.

Maternity Leave Grants

We know maternal leave is not possible for all mamas, especially our
self-employed/entrepreneurial mothers. Interested in applying?